EEG launches Hotel Energy and Sustainability Portal


EEG has just launched HEP (Hotel Energy and Sustainability Portal), a unique online portal which will help hospitality groups streamline their utilities analytics and align all their energy and sustainability management initiatives for enhanced carbon footprint reductions.

HEP has been developed as a direct result of EEG’s extensive experience of working with the hospitality industry internationally. One of the major challenges for hotel groups is trying to minimise utility costs whilst simultaneously striving to improve their ecological footprint. However, EEG identified that a major constraint for them in achieving this was the lack of centralised data on utilities, no analytics and intuitive reporting across properties, limited communication and cooperation between engineering departments, and a lack of sustained energy management and alignment across the board.

HEP is a SaaS (software as a service) which is accessible from any browser on any device. An easy to use tool, HEP covers sustainability reporting, tracking and project management. It also provides hotel groups with an added dimension as it uses the massive amount of data to provide real insight, in addition to enhancing analytics capacities, efficiency management and total alignment.

HEP is unique in the industry as it has been built on a foundation of EEG’s technical expertise in energy auditing, and not just a ‘sustainability/green certification’ angle. For more information, go to