A Culture That Cares

At MMG, we understand the importance of people and how they are the driving force of our company. This is why our culture is based on leading by example, developing our talent, and involving everyone at all levels in the company strategy and vision.


Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) – which is our long term ambitious dream – is: to be the #1 career destination for the region’s A players (Best Leaders) by 2033. Add to that our WHY – which is in essence the reason why MMG exists: To grow people that can grow and sustain businesses designed to be #1 or #2 in their specific markets and you have yourself a foundation for an amazing workplace!

Our goal is to provide employees with all the needed opportunities, resources and also a healthy working environment which in turn allows them to be a strong contributing factor to the company’s goals.

Not only do we attract and retain talent, but we work hard on rewarding it with a learning and development system in place which means every employee’s learning is taken care of and measured for better prospects.

While a huge part of our team is under the Operations Department umbrella and working directly with clients, we support our technical team from the head office, giving the needed back up from talented engineers and other professionals.

Our Core Values

At MMG, not only do we care about the people we employ, we also ensure that they all share the basic values of MMG, helping create a healthy environment for us, and a rewarding experience for the clients. Our Values make up the acronym I-TRUST, the root foundation of all of our dealings with every stakeholder.
I-TRUST stands for:
  • Improvement: continuous, innovative
  • Team Work: team Player, accountable
  • Relationships: win-win, positive, listener
  • Understanding: committed, perseverant, passionate
  • Speed: fast, accurate, timely
  • Transparency: honest, open, direct.

We Are Green

MMG recognizes the community it serves and cherishes, and so we have a number of environmental initiatives to give back to our community. Our offices observe strict recycling and energy conservation standards while our field technicians ensure all used oils are carefully packaged and returned to the offices for collection to be recycled into biodiesel.

MMG also supports local initiatives and movements in keeping Lebanon clean.

Health & Safety

Improving people’s health and safety at work means employee well-being and better performance for our clients. H&S is an ongoing company KPI and involves every single member of the MMG team at all levels to ensure safe practices.


We are constantly on the lookout for new talent, especially people who share our culture, values and the drive towards constant improvement and development.